50th Reunion Questionnaire

Hello Class of 69……..We NEED Your Opinion!

This is an initial announcement to see who is interested in a 50th Reunion and to what extent…. Please let us know your interest level and which options you prefer.  Also, assuming many Classmates are interested as in the past, we will be developing a Reunion Committee this Fall. Please let us know your willingness to serve. We always need as much help as we can get.  We look forward to your response and any comments.


Again, answering these questions will give us some idea as to what the majority of our Classmates prefer.  Thank you in advance for your support. Any comments are welcome.  We hope you will utilize this Web Site as you have in the past. Check our our Face Book Page.  https://www.facebook.com/ghsstjoeclassof69/


This survey will also be sent out via email.

Planning Begins Soon!

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1)   * Yes, I would like to see us have a 50th Class Reunion. No, I have no interest in a 50th Class Reunion.

Yes No
2)   Yes, I am Willing to Serve on the 50th Reunion Committee. No, I am not able to help but hope to be able to attend.

Yes No
3)   What Time of Year is Preferred?

4)   * What Level of Activity is preferred. Please mark only one:

  Two Night - One day Event: Friday Evening Event, Mid-Day Saturday and Saturday Night.
  One Day - One night Event: Saturday and Saturday Night
  One Night Event: Saturday Night Only
5)   * Please Check One Choice Below:

  Prefer a Pre-Planned Sit-Down Dinner
  Prefer a Buffet Style Sit-Down Dinner
  Prefer a Light Pick-Up Meal w Hors d'oeuvres
  Prefer No Meal at Reunion Venue
6)   * Please Check One Choice Below:

  Live Entertainment Band After Dinner
  DJ Spinning Records After Dinner
  No Live Entertainment allowing more Fellowship time.